Susan Ruzzo Bend Speech and Language ClinicServices

Bend Speech and Language Clinic strives to create a comfortable and welcoming setting for clients and their families to shift communication skills. Susan is in network with some of the major insurances including: Oregon Health Plan and Healthy Kids Connect. Also, Regence BCBS, Providence, and ODS. BSLC will provide necessary paperwork to clients with out of network insurance coverage. Credit cards are an acceptable payment method.

  • Individual and Family Therapy Sessions
  • Awareness Training: Understanding yours or your child’s specific speech or language issue helps in giving you the tools to shift it.
  • Education: I am comfortable explaining the speech and language issues as I notice them and as many times as needed in order for complete understanding.
  • Education: I teach parents and clients how to be effective communication helpers to their children and themselves through specific ideas and techniques

Family Involvement advances progress in so many ways

  • Individual treatment: I treat you and your child as the unique individuals that you are.
  • Family treatment: the whole family is welcome to participate in sessions for greater understanding.
  • Rapport building: I strive to form a warm bond with you and your family.
  • Thorough: I use oral language samples taken specifically from each individual to better understand the individual’s use of language. The client’s expressive language is recorded, transcribed, then analyzed. A treatment plan is devised based partly on this oral language sample.
  • Continuity: Through the writing of copious note taking, I can pick up just where I left off with a client or change the direction of therapy based on individual performance.
  • Preschool Stuttering: I am formally trained on the newest preschool stuttering research
  • Treatment plans are developed and followed.

Susan Ruzzo Bend Speech and Language Clinic readiong and writingServices include the following areas:

Language Skills:

  • Language understanding for children and adults
  • Language expression for children and adults
  • Reading/Listening Comprehension
  • Developing speech or language impairments including lack of words at 18-24 months

Articulation Skills:

  • Developing articulation errors
  • Later childhood articulation impairments
  • Accent modification including regional dialect and foreign accent

Social Thinking Skills and Autism Therapy:

  • Empathy awareness
  • Theory of Mind or taking the perspective of others
  • Adapting visual thinking to our mostly auditory world of language
  • Increasing effective expressive language in this population

Accent Modification:

  • Effective diagnosis of accented speech in many areas
  • Diagnosis includes rate of speech, intonation, individual speech sounds and vowels, idiomatic expressions and many more areas
  • Effective treatment of specific areas important to the individual speaker


  • Family therapy for early stutterers
  • Careful diagnosis of stuttering in the 2-6 year old age group
  • Compassionate stuttering therapy for clients of all ages


  • Careful and ongoing diagnosis for all clients
  • Use of standardized assessment tools with standard scores and percentile ranks reported
  • Reports with full explanation of diagnostic findings
  • Consultation with teachers and other providers when requested

Voice Therapy:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of vocal pathologies with an ENT referral