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Susan Ruzzo working with children on speech and language therapy


Susan R. Johnson, MS CCC-SLP

Susan Johnson is a compassionate speech/language pathologist working in private practice with the Bend Speech and Language Clinic, LLC. She loves working with clients of all ages and their families to discover the personal areas of communication skills which, when unlocked, will provide the individual with more ease in their daily life. Susan comes to her clinical work with a varied background of experience in life and in speech therapy. Graduating from the University of Massachusetts in 1988 in the area of business and marketing, Susan took off on an endeavor of big city retail in woman’s fashion! After discovering that both the big city and the work were personally unsatisfying, she changed everything and went back to school and became a speech/language pathologist.

After graduating from the University of Oregon in 1994 with a Master of Science in Communication Disorders, she moved to Bend and began her career with the Bend Schools. While working in that setting with elementary, middle, and high school students for 10 years, Susan further discovered her passion for working with communication impairments of many origins and many outcomes.

Susan’s work in the schools as the resident speech pathologist taught her about working with families.An important discovery Susan made during that time is the idea that an individual’s specific impairmentdoes not make up all of who they are. That is why after year three in her career with the public schools,she requested to be a part of her students’ full academic program. At that time, with administrative support, Susan created a position for herself that involved her being in charge of her students in all academic areas. At Cascade Middle School, in Bend, Oregon, Susan served students with diagnosed speech and language impairments in areas such as math, reading, writing, and many content areas. She worked alongside the special education teachers and served all of the students with communication impairments. This was a benefit to her students since Susan naturally understands academic limitations that result from a speech or language impairment.

Bend Speech and Language Clinic

In 2009, Susan opened Bend Speech and Language Clinic (BSLC), a private practice clinic servicing all ages of people with speech and language and reading issues. This idea was born from experiencing the school setting with limited time for individuals and because grouping students in one session proved minimally effective most of the time. In her current setting, Susan and her clients enjoy individual sessions with full focus on the individual client. Also of benefit to her clients is the natural family involvement which easily occurs because clients come to her with their families.

Susan has been practicing speech and language therapy for many years. The work comes easily to her and she loves being in her clinic either working with families and clients or researching some aspect of the field of speech and language therapy for a new or existing client.


Bachelor of Science/ Business Marketing, University of Massachusetts, 1988

Master of Science/Communications disorders and Sciences, University of Oregon, 1994

State of Oregon Speech-Language Pathology License, since 1995

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) certified member, since 1994

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