Susan Ruzzo working with a young boy at Bend Speech and Language Clinic in Bend, Oregon


“Susan is an excellent speech therapist and a kind, patient and compassionate person. She listens and validates with support and encouragement. My son’s speech has improved dramatically and he asks to have “talks!” I have learned many ways to assist my son in his efforts. I have worked with other (speech) clinics and speech therapists and Susan is by far the best and most positive experience I have had in helping my son speak.”

Lisa L. 2010 (mother of 3 ½ year old) 

“I have noticed an amazing difference in my son’s communication and everyone we know comments on how much he has improved in the small amount of time attending sessions. Susan is amazing at explaining everything to help you understand the issue and how to fix it. Our overall experience is amazing, we had attended speech therapy for years with no results then we were told about Susan and I no longer have to ask my son to repeat himself and people no longer ask me, “what did he say?” In the 8-9 months we have been attending sessions, I have seen my son improve beyond anything I have ever expected! Amazing!”

Britnie W. 2010 (mother of 7 year old) 

“We have totally, 100% felt heard by Susan; our concerns are being addressed and we are following her lead. We have absolutely noticed improvement! I’ve realized how much speech therapy works and how much I may have been fostering bad habits. Our overall experience attending sessions at Bend Speech and Language Clinic have been so interesting! I have learned about language in general and it is fun to watch my son grow and how Susan draws it out of him.”

Dani S. 2010 (mother of 4 year old) 

“I have been very satisfied with the service provided by Bend Speech and Language Clinic. I have felt heard and my concerns have been addressed. Since I started the sessions, I became aware of many pronunciation issues and I made progress on fixing them. The sessions are very helpful.”

Keiko W., 2010 (Japanese accent modification client)

“We have noticed improvement in the speech and language of our children. One of our children has “graduated” while our other continues to improve. Susan has such a specialized approach with each child; we feel very confident in her. Susan shares her knowledge in a very comprehensive manner. She gives us “homework” which is so awesome. We love being a part of our children’s success.”

Jill H. 2018 (mother of a six and eight year old) 

“I have been totally satisfied with the service provided by Bend Speech and Language Clinic. Plus, I have felt heard by Susan and nothing gets past her. My concerns have greatly been addressed; I was afraid she (Susan) might not be able to help me. She proved me wrong. I dropped out of college due to my problem, now I am looking forward to returning. I am able to stay focused when talking with people and my reading and reading comprehension has improved. (Overall experience attending sessions at Bend Speech and language clinic) is More than great.”

Garry Z., 2010 (adult language client)

“We are very happy with the help, progress and support you (Susan) continue to give us. We have noticed improvement for our entire family and it has been valuable. (Our experience with BSLC ) has been extremely comfortable and positive -you (Susan) have encouraged our whole family to be a part of this experience!”

Jessica S. 2011 (mother of four year old)

“Susan addresses any concerns we may have as well as communicates progress made which alleviates my stress level for my son’s language impairment. My experience has been wonderful. My son enjoys meeting with Susan every week. Susan is very engaging and puts herself at the child’s level to make
therapy fun while challenging them. Susan provides a very comfortable atmosphere.”

Christina M. 2011 (mother of five year old) 

“We are very satisfied with the services provided at Bend Speech and Language Clinic. We have seen amazing changes in our daughter’s communication. Susan always listens openly and shares her insight too. We are very comfortable discussing anything about our daughter’s communication development. Susan has been great at pointing out patterns in our communication with our daughter so that we can support her at home. Our daughter has done a 180° change. We have benefited tremendously; both our daughter and our family as a whole.”

Denise K. 2018 (mother of a six year old) 

“Susan understands the hardships surrounding speech with kids; she has a tremendous capacity for empathy.  She ensures that there are concrete tools and steps for families to follow in order to make progress. We have felt heard by Susan every step of the way. Additionally, she wants to see her students “graduate.” It’s nice to see this approach rather than something that my son will always need to do. My son has shown increasing self-confidence as his speech doesn’t single him out as much anymore at school. Susan has demystified a lot of my son’s speech issues by explaining why and how these things happen.”

Justin R. 2018  (father of an eleven year old) 

“I’ve had excellent service and impressed how efficient they are and very responsive to any questions I have had. My son enjoys working with Susan and has fun. Susan is much more than just a speech specialist. She really goes in depth on how the mind of Autism works and she educates the parent with knowledge. It is exciting to get more meaningful language out of our son that has autism.”

Suzy C. 2010  (mother of 15 yr old boy with autism)